We are workers called "raters". We are human beings that train, test, and evaluate search algorithms. Alphabet, Google's parent company, reports 81% of its total revenue from Search ads. But we as raters, (working exclusively for Google) earn poverty wages, with no benefits. Alphabet has standards covering most of its extended workforce. We respectfully call on Alphabet to extend the same dignity, respect, and justice to all its raters.

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Sign On Letter

Dear Prabhakar Raghavan,

On behalf of the Alphabet Workers Union, we wanted to bring to your attention that some of our members (and raters more broadly) are presently excluded from Google’s stated values and extended workforce standards. These are workers who work exclusively to improve Google. Many are presently being paid poverty wages without any healthcare, family leave, or PTO benefits.

We’re all aware that Alphabet’s main source of revenue and much of its future remains Search. We believe that the integrity and quality of Search ultimately depends on the unseen labor of these workers. If these workers themselves are not reflective of a typical search user (due to their poverty), Search itself will be unrepresentative of our typical user. Ultimately this will only harm Alphabet’s bottom line.

We respectfully call on your leadership and Alphabet more broadly to ensure that these workers and all workers that are part our extended workforce are included in Alphabet’s standards, and that these standards themselves are just.

We know this is within your means and your ability to execute. We respectfully expect prompt action and would like to meet to discuss this further.

Alphabet Workers Union Executive Council:
Parul Koul
Emily Chang
Ashok Chandwaney
Kate Kenneally
Jenny Rosewood

And the undersigned:

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